Time Reports for JIRA Cloud

Flexible view for JIRA issues time tracking data

Flexible view for JIRA issues time tracking data.

Time Reports Add-On is a modernized version of successful Timesheet Reports and Gadgets Add-On. It is more flexible and extensible and is designed specifically for JIRA Cloud.


Just go to Administration - Plugins - Install in your JIRA, search for 'timerports', see 'Time Reports Add-On for JIRA Cloud' and click install.


When installed Time Reports Add-On adds Time Reports dashboard item and project report with the same name. Report is accessible via menu Projects - some project - Reports tab - Other category. And dashboard item can be added to Dashboard manually.

Time Reports provide the following report types at the moment:

  • Timesheet - time spent on Issues by Days.
  • Pivot by Users - time spent on Issues by Users.
  • Pivot by Status - time spent on Issue in certain status.
  • Time Tracking - estimated vs actual.
  • Pie Chart - time spent chart.

All report types have various configurable parameters.

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