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Extended JIRA time tracking means


For the long time Timesheet plugin evolves basing on your feedback and feature requests, and I also have some features in mind. Please vote for or comment on any or many enhancements below at corresponding bitbucket issue, if you'd like it to be implemented.

More/Better worked time charts Issue #429)

In Issue #416 pie chart is introduced for Worked Time, and it is used in case of 'Group By' also, but it's inconsistent with timesheet gadget, which groups values by project and then by selected field.

Stacked column chart would be more correct, e.g.

Or even better two level Doughnut Pie chart, e.g:

Please vote on Issue #429, if you'd like this feature to be implemented, and comment if as Stacked Bar or Doughnut Pie chart, or as anything else.

Sorting rows (Issue #426)

The usability of the gadget would be enhanced if it was possible to sort the rows by clicking on the column header. Bonus would be if the gadget remembered sort order between separate logins.

Please vote on Issue #426, if you'd like this feature to be implemented.

User Level Holiday Calendar (Issue #407)

It would be a great new feature to allow the group timesheet to display holidays/sickness/non-work days (potentially even part time hours) on a per user basis.

This would allow at a glance view resource capacity for a team.

Please vote on Issue #407, if you'd like this feature to be implemented.

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Features done

Sum Tasks/Stories into Epic (Issue #360)

Since version 2.7 it is possible to sum worked hours into JIRA Agile Epic issues, when using Sum SubTasks option.

See Issue #360 for more details

Holidays Calendar (Issue #297)

Since v2.6, it is possible to define days off in Administration - Add-Ons - Timesheet Holidays, or import .ics with state holidays from file or URL. I.e holidays can now be retrieved automatically from corporate calendar, e.g. Confluence Team Calendars or any other ical web service, e.g. http://www.calendarlabs.com/ical-calendar-holidays.php

Configurable weekends (Issue #14)

Since 2.6, it is possible to define weekends style in Administration - Add-Ons - Timesheet Plugin Configuraiton, see Weekends configuraiton option. It supports standard (Sat-Sun), Islamic (Fri-Sat) and Indian (Sun) weekend.

Email Timesheet Report (Issue #316)

Since version 2.5 it is possible to Subscribe to Time Sheet Report to receive it regularly by email. See more details here. It may be even better way to keep an eye on worklogs of your team, than Timesheet Gadget on Dashboard.

Do you like it too? Let all know!

Support for multiple time zones (Issue #281)

Version 2.3.7 introduced support for multiple timezone environment. See more details here.

RESTful endpoint (Issue #269)

Since version 2.3.5 Timesheet plugin publishes RESTful access to worklogs. See here for more details.

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